How can I help?

I’ll design a bespoke program to suit the needs you have. Contact me, if:

    • You need to come up with a governance framework for your existing knowledge sharing platform
    • You need to surface organisational knowledge to help with designing a new service offering or improving an existing one
    • You have a knowledge base, but it isn’t working
    • You need a knowledge solution, but don’t know where to start
    • You have tools, but no engagement
    • You want to prepare for chatbot adoption

Consulting services

Specific services include these, and more:

    • Workshop facilitation
    • Engagement plans for enterprise social platforms including Workplace by Facebook, Yammer, etc
    • Designing a KCS strategy to suit your IT service management improvement
    • Sharepoint & Office365 collaboration improvements
    • Support stack reviews for small-to-medium businesses
    • Advice on meeting ISO 9001:2015 knowledge management requirements
    • Chatbot strategy, preparation and writing


Get my advice whenever you need it. When you sign up for Knowledge Bird coaching, I’ll email you an invitation to access a private Slack channel where you and any number of your in-house knowledge champions can ask questions over chat. If you already have Slack in your organisation, it’s even better if you create a channel and invite me.

Coaching can be billed monthly or annually, and is ideal for those new to knowledge management process ownership, and for those small to medium organisations that have a small group of knowledge leaders and champions but no strategy or tactics for creating and embedding change.


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